Guided Grace – Meditations for Mindful Mastery

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• Are you often stressed out?
• Would you like to start meditating, but just don't know where to start?
• Would you like your mind and your body to feel more relaxed naturally?

If so, this course is for you!

This course offers a step-by-step process to easily learn how to start (or continue) your meditation practice, that can last a lifetime. Meditation has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety, and improve mental and physical wellbeing. This course teaches specific breathing techniques you can do anywhere, anytime! Instead of just trying to clear your mind, (which is so hard for most of us!) it offers guided audio meditations to help you easily meditate and ease your mind, along with some awesome bonus materials. So, what are you waiting for!!

This on-demand, self-paced course includes:

• 10 Audio Lessons Approximately 4 Minutes Each
• 27-Page Downloadable eBook
• 10-Page Downloadable eBook
• 1 Bonus Video (4:11)
• Access on Mobile and Computer
• Podcast Episodes
• Certificate of Completion