6 Traits of Couples Experiencing New Success in Their Relationship

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Of all the possible success in the world, how important is success in your relationships compared to the rest? Chances are it’s pretty high. A recent study showed that only 17% of participants felt they were in a relationship with the love of their life, and 36% said they weren’t happy in their current relationship at all.

However, it may not be who you’re in your relationship with that is the problem. New success in relationships has more to do with these personality traits than any other factor:

They are Committed

People in successful relationships know why they’re there and what their expectations are. They are also committed to being there and are prepared to work through the problems and maintain reasonable expectations.

They are Respectful

It’s impossible to be in a long-lasting relationship where there is no mutual respect. Being respectful involves a healthy dose of empathy, an acceptance of vulnerability, and a willingness to hold your tongue.

They Communicate

How can you get along if you never talk? Relationships require more than a superficial discussion of your favorite sports team or the weather. True conversation involves active listening, a deep interest in what the other person has to say, and a certain amount of vulnerability. If you don’t open up, you can’t expect your partner to open up.

They Practice Self-Care

Success in relationships relies on taking responsibility for your health, both mental and physical. Together you need to prioritize a healthy lifestyle and taking care of each other. Don’t allow negativity in yourself or in your partner. Be kind to each other.

They Adapt

How can you get along together if you’re not able to weather the bumps in the road? Being able to pivot and react to new situations, especially crises, together will enable you to get through anything.

They Fight and Forgive

No one gets along 24/7. It’s important to know how to express your own needs without getting personal. You also need to be able to listen when the other person expresses their needs. Being able to fight well and forgive afterward can make you a strong and loving couple.

Success in relationships heavily relies on the willingness to work together. If you have that and keep the rest of these tips in mind, you’ll find yourself in the lucky 17%!

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